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How to use Nault on a bootable Linux flash drive

Using a wallet on an online machine comes with a risk. The OS can contain malicious software such as keylogger, screen recorder or code that looks for and replaces crypto addresses without your consent. In that case, it doesn’t matter if you use Nault on the web or as a desktop app. One way to protect against this is to use a Ledger device, another is to only sign transactions via an offline Nault on another machine.

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How to use multi-signature (multisig) in Nault

Multi-signature is a way for multiple participants to own one private key each and combining them in a way so that only one common account is used to store the funds. Each participant only needs to know their particular key. Then by exchanging safe cryptographic data between the participants, a block signature is produced that can publish the corresponding block to the network.

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Custom Work Server

The default option in Nault is to generate proof of work from the backend servers. That, in turn, is using services such as dPoW and boomPoW. That is fine for most users but it comes with limitations.

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Nault advanced features: Changing backend servers and using the block explorer

Nault uses the Nano RPC protocol for communication with network nodes. This is done via backend servers, also called proxy servers. To ensure robustness and stability if a backend should go down Nault uses several of them. Some main servers are chosen by random on each wallet load (page refresh) if the connection is interrupted or hitting the rate limit. Others are used as a backup for manual selection.

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The security of your Nano

Let us talk about the security of Nano and using Nault. But before we dive in, you should understand the fundamentals of the Nano protocol and what it means to own Nano. This article will then divide the overall security into the following sections: The Nano protocol, The storage of keys and The usage of keys.

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How to use the Ledger Nano in Nault

If you have a Ledger device, you can use it with Nault to securely access and send your Nano. Paired together, it is the safest and yet highly convenient way to send and receive Nano! Using this guide you can learn everything needed to send and receive Nano on your Ledger device with Nault.

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